Plus+ Shade

Our Plus+ Shade systems are premium grade commercial systems that are designed to provide sun control while maintaining aesthetics.

Key Features


Versatility Into One

Easy To Operate



The Plus+ Shade is designed to last long-term with our secure installation process.

Versatility Into One

Multiple fascia and bracket options, linked capabilities, large size ranges, and dual shade filtering.

Easy To Operate

Operated by using the manual chain pull option or through endless motorization choices.


The Plus+ Shade can be controlled with our Eclipse Sun Sensor or any of our other automation products.


3”, 4”, and 5” Top Fascia Manual and Motorized image

3”, 4”, and 5” Top Fascia Manual and Motorized

4” Bottom Fascia Manual and Motorized image

4” Bottom Fascia Manual and Motorized

5” Dual Top Fascia Manual and Motorized image

5” Dual Top Fascia Manual and Motorized

Open Roll Manual and Motorized image

Open Roll Manual and Motorized


Manual & Motorized

Manual operated shades are easy to use with our premium smooth operating clutch.
Motorization enhances shade performance and is useful for hard-to-reach shades.

Manual System

Every manual shade is manufactured with a premium, smooth operating clutch. Our premiere clutch system is constructed of patented long-lasting nylon core technology. Very simple to operate. Simply pull down on the control chain to either lower or raise the shade to the desired height.


Radio-controlled motorized shades truly are wire-free. There are a multitude of radio control options, including wireless wall switches, handheld remote controls, sun sensors, and timers. Radio-controlled shades are great in retrofit and remodel projects. Similar to how a garage door opener operates, radio signals travel through walls and make it possible to control multiple coverings alone or as a group.

Intelligent Shade Network

Roll-A-Shade's Intelligent Shade Network utilizes intelligent motor technology to provide a comprehensive sun control solution for every environment. The intelligent motor design features an onboard microprocessor and a digital encoder, which allows a wide range of features to be easily programmed.


In new construction or renovations, 4-Wire Motor Systems provide simple and reliable control for installations that do not require complex management solutions. A 4-Wire Motor System links the control device to the motor using electrical wires carrying power and limiting the switch to the source of control. The common motor options available for these systems are durable and dependable, and feature a wide variety of torques and speeds, which are beneficial for interior or exterior motorized shading applications.


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Roll-A-Shade® has products certified in USA & Canada. Click the link below to go to the UL listing website.

UL is an independent, third-party safety certification organization that sets stringent standards for certain product categories and tests products to determine whether they meet those standards. The technical knowledge and scientific expertise behind the UL Mark – the single most accepted certification mark in the United States – brings peace of mind to customers and businesses that rely on safe, sustainable products. Certifications demonstrate that products have been tested to applicable standards.


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