Shade Systems

Roll-A-Shade® combines technical excellence with design perfection to create custom shade systems that offer superb functionality along with style and durability that surpass the competition. Our stylish solar protection fabrics permit outside visibility while blocking the sun's harmful rays, providing energy-efficient solutions by reducing solar heat gain.

MANUAL SHADES — We offer many different solutions to manually operated shades. There are many different size options as well as customization. Whether its as simple as adding on one of the types of fascias to hide the mechanisms of the shade from the customer, there is also option for multiple shades to layer different kinds of fabrics for different times of the day. There is even an option for angled windows that can also be used in exterior situations as well.

STATIONARY SHADES — These type of shades are perfect for hard to reach places or ones that are almost always in direct sun. These can also be used for curved paneled windows by using a pleated option.

MOTORIZED SHADES — For high windows, many windows or just simply to make life easier motorized shades are what you need. These offer hands-free solutions to moving shades up and down as well as an automated system called the Intelliegent Shade Network (ISN for short) which closes and opens the shades according to the position of the sun during the day.

All of these can be installed with Printed Shades which can promote your company in new and exciting ways.