31 Aug 2023

Riverside, CA, August 31, 2023 Roll-A-Shade® announces the launch of the new Solar ZipShade.


The Solar ZipShade is an innovative exterior shade system that utilizes solar power to autonomously control the screen. It contains a solar cell on the front of the head box that provides energy for its operations. The absence of wiring for the motor makes installation simpler, as it eliminates the need for electrical work. This saves time and resources during setup.


Steve Williams, the President of Roll-A-Shade, looks forward to what the product can bring to customers. Williams states, “Our Exterior Solar Recharged ZipShade is the next step in the blend of innovation and efficiency. Whether it is for comfort on a patio or for superior performance on the exterior of a window, the flexibility of not needing power is a game changer.”


Ismael Morris, Roll-A-Shade’s Product Manager, is excited to expand Roll-A-Shade’s ZipShade line and add a solar exterior product. “It’s the next evolution of Exterior Window Covers,” states Morris, “It’s a quick process to install; no wires are needed for power.”


Roll-A-Shade is excited to launch the new Solar ZipShade. This innovative product offers convenient and energy-efficient shading solutions. Its solar-powered features enhance the outdoor experience by providing adjustable shading and contributing to an eco-friendly atmosphere.




About Roll-A-Shade

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