Roll-A-Shade® Launches First Proprietary Solar Device To Control Shading Systems.

05 Mar 2021

Roll-A-Shade launches the Eclipse Sun Sensor.

Introducing Roll-A-Shade’s new product: The Eclipse Sun Sensor & Remote.

The Eclipse Sun Sensor is Roll-A-Shade’s first proprietary motorized shade accessory that raises and lowers shades based on real-time daylight exposure.

Eclipse Sun Sensor

With the Eclipse Sun Sensor, customers can control their shades using a few different methods:

  • Sun exposure
  • Timer settings
  • Weekday & weekend custom settings

The Eclipse has a 5-year warranty and is solar recharged, with no batteries to swap out. There is one initial charge that is performed in-house to get it out of sleep mode, and a micro-USB cord is included should someone need it. In addition, one exciting feature of the Eclipse Sun Sensor is the backlit screen which has full verbiage for easy navigation. Furthermore, there are no wires needed to install the Eclipse Sun Sensor since the unit works wirelessly with a radio frequency shade motor.