Manual + Motorized + Automation.

Roll-A-Shade® combines technical excellence with design perfection to create custom shade systems that offer superb functionality along with style and durability that surpass the competition. Our stylish solar protection fabrics permit outside visibility while blocking the sun’s harmful rays and providing energy-efficient solutions by reducing solar heat gain.

Manual System

Every manual shade is manufactured with a premium, smooth operating clutch. Our premiere clutch system is constructed of patented long-lasting nylon core technology. Very simple to operate. Simply pull down on the control chain to either lower or raise the shade to the desired height.

Spring Assist Clutch

The high-capacity spring assisted clutch is a perfect solution for large, heavy shades. This inventive clutch has a spring that is pre-rotated to a designated tension to reduce pull force required to lift heavy shades. The Spring Assist Clutch provides smooth and quiet operation and is a cost-effective alternative to motorization. The clutch reduces the pull force on heavy shades to approximately 6lbs (2.7kg) even on shades weighing up to 30lbs (24kg).

A manual system

Crank Gear

The crank and hand wand are used to manually operate the crank system on a cable guide shade. Hand wands are made-to-measure to ensure proper length for ease of access. This control is durable, easy-to-use, and an economical alternative to our motorized control.

Manual System Accessories

Child Safe Chain Anchor

This chain anchor (tension device) is compliant with Canadian Safety Standard CAN/CSA-Z600-14, which requires that the tension device be designed so when not properly installed will, at least partially, prevent the lift system from moving the window covering through lowering and raising.
This chain anchor secures the bead chain making the operation smooth while providing an attractive appearance. This anchor requires two mounting screws, eliminating anchor swivel and promoting strength. Product meets US ANSI safety standard.

Color Options:

White Swatch


Black Swatch


Bronze Swatch


Grey Swatch


Vanilla Swatch


Hem Bar

The sealed hem bar pocket is heat-welded at the top and the sides to provide a refined unobtrusive appearance.

Bottom Rail

Roll-A-Shade's proprietary bottom rail is durable, sleek, and attractive. It is available in all standard colours to match the fascia and installation brackets. The plastic end caps are available in black and white.

Color Options:

White Swatch


Black Swatch


Bronze Swatch




Vanilla Swatch



Radio logo

Radio-controlled motorized shades truly are wire-free. There are a multitude of radio control options, including wireless wall switches, handheld remote controls, sun sensors, and timers. Radio-controlled shades are great in retrofit and remodel projects. Similar to how a garage door opener operates, radio signals travel through walls and make it possible to control multiple coverings alone or as a group.

Intelligent Shade Network

Roll-A-Shade's Intelligent Shade Network utilizes intelligent motor technology to provide a comprehensive sun control solution for every environment. The intelligent motor design features an onboard microprocessor and a digital encoder, which allows a wide range of features to be easily programmed.

diagram of a mechanism

The ISN is software configured for the management of day lighting and glare control to improve comfort and reduce HVAC energy demands. Each component is assigned a unique address that allows specific tasks to be configured over the network.

Configuration and reconfiguration are easy as functional assignments are made without the need to access the end product or physically rewire the hardware.

Whether designing for 10 or 1000 motors, you no longer carry the cost impact of providing a centralized building controlled and remotely located hardware modules.

a small screen is mounted on the wall

Partnering is easy since the ISN plays nicely with others. With standardization of the bus line approach, it easily integrates with lighting, HVAC, and Energy Management Systems. With automated shade scheduling, shades are altered based on the current environment and proactively adjust to conditions. Shades automatically adjust to maintain the maximum amount of natural light while continuing to block the harsh direct sunlight and heat.


In new construction or renovations, 4-Wire Motor Systems provide simple and reliable control for installations that do not require complex management solutions. A 4-Wire Motor System links the control device to the motor using electrical wires carrying power and limiting the switch to the source of control. The common motor options available for these systems are durable and dependable, and feature a wide variety of torques and speeds, which are beneficial for interior or exterior motorized shading applications.

a room with a small screen attached to the wall

When choosing basic controlled systems, power supply and wiring should be planned prior to construction and include the possibilities of future renovations. Manual controls must be located near windows and in strategic areas which often requires a detailed system design process before development could take place. 4-Wire Motor Systems are a great solution for cost-conscious new construction projects that must meet specific wiring requirements.

Solar Powered

The Solar Motorized System utilizes a solar recharging panel that harvests natural daylight to power your motorized shades. The slim solar panel attaches to the window and collects solar energy to recharge lithium ion batteries located inside the motor. This battery-powered, solar charging system is ideal for retrofits and eliminates the need to run power to an existing window, thus making it a sustainable motorized option.

Solar Motorized System is compatible with the following:
• Plus+
• Contract+
• Cable Guided
• Coming soon to ZipShades


Handheld remotes provide convenient control and are most popular in residential settings. Some models allow for control of remote sensors, while others are equipped with built-in timers.

Whether the remote is for the living room, conference room, or patio, remotes are a simple and stylish option for shade operation.


Wall switches are ideal in most commercial settings where a handheld remote may get lost. Simply install a wall switch in any interior wall and or convert the keypad into a tabletop remote with a special accessory.

Each wall switch is equipped with an up, down, and "stop" button, allowing you to control motorized shades effortlessly.