Choosing the Right Fabric

Sun control fabrics are designed to control light, glare, and heat without obstructing the view. When choosing a fabric, there are a few other things to consider like function, style, color, technology, sustainability, certifications, and solar properties.


Temperature Control

When heat gain or loss is an issue, a fabric with a smaller openness factor and a high solar reflectance rating is ideal. This style fabric will control heat gain and loss while also controlling the light that enters the space.


When preserving the outdoor view is of the utmost importance, a fabric with a higher openness factor, such as a 10%, is ideal. The larger openness factor will allow occupants within the space to see outside more clearly.

Light Control

When complete darkness is a necessity, blackout fabrics are ideal. Blackout fabrics will block 100% of light when paired with a shade system with side channels.


Mermet E-Screen 7510

Mermet E-Screen 7510 Charcoal/Cocoa

Phifer SheerWeave 5000

Phifer SheerWeave 5000 Linen-Cranberry


Phifer SheerWeave 4100

Phifer SheerWeave 4100 Tobacco

Mermet E-Screen 7505

Mermet E-Screen 7505 White-Linen


KOOLBLACK Technology

KOOLBLACK Technology increases the heat reflectivity of dark color solar shade fabrics to levels comparable to light colored fabrics. This feature, coupled with the other benefits of dark color fabrics, provides excellent contrast for a clear and sharp view through, comfortable indoor environments, and maximized energy savings through reduced cooling costs.

Reflective Backing

Reflective fabrics pair traditional solar screen fabrics with the highly reflective properties of metallization to create the ultimate sun control protection. A thin metallized coating is applied to the back of a dark fabric to increase glare reduction and decrease heat absorption.


Cradle to Cradle

Dow Ecolibrium

Ecolibrium is a renewable alternative to traditional plasticizers. Ecolibrium lowers greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 40% compared to existing compounds. It is also phthalate free, lead-free and RoHS compliant.

Certifications for Human Health


Antimicrobial Product Protection


Clean Air, Indoor Air Quality, VOC Emissions

Melanoma International Foundation

Seal of Approval for effectiveness in preventing sun damage to skin and eyes

Solar Properties

Solar properties
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Roll-A-Shade® has products certified in USA & Canada. Click the link below to go to the UL listing website.

UL is an independent, third-party safety certification organization that sets stringent standards for certain product categories and tests products to determine whether they meet those standards. The technical knowledge and scientific expertise behind the UL Mark – the single most accepted certification mark in the United States – brings peace of mind to customers and businesses that rely on safe, sustainable products. Certifications demonstrate that products have been tested to applicable standards.