Choosing the Right Fabric

Sun control fabrics are designed to control light, glare and heat without obstructing the view. When picking a fabric there are a few other things to consider like function, style, color, performance strength and green capabilities.


There are many openness factors - from 1% to 14% - with fabrics that are great for applications where strong light and heat control are required.
Up to 20% openness factor for less brightly-lit spaces where preserving the view is of utmost importance.
Blackout fabrics where full darkness is a necessity.


Textured weaves
Smooth weaves
Custom weaves and colors to meet your specific requirements.

Light Fabric Colors

More reflective (RS) and will lower the heat gain (TS) while allowing a higher percentage of daylight transmittance (TV).
Difficult to see through due to the surface brightness which in return reflects the light back into the interior space.

Dark Fabric Colors

A darker colored fabric absorbs light (AS) and heat which makes it less energy efficient than lighter colors.
Transmits less light thru the fabric which in return has a lower surface brightness (TV) and reflectivity creating an excellent glare free interior space, as well as making it easier to see through the shade. This does not apply to the KoolBlack Fabric.

Performance - Polyester vs. Fiberglass

Polyester fabrics can be ultrasonically cut which cauterizes the ends and prevents fraying.
Fiberglass is more dimensionally stable in stretch and recovery tests.
Polyester and fiberglass have similar attributes in strength, resistance to fading, abrasion, mildew, rot and chemicals.
Both fabrics meet the US, UK and Canadian Fire Retardant codes for window coverings.


Microban® antimicrobial protection is infused into the fabric during manufacturing to work continuously for the lifetime of the fabric to inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. This makes many of our fabrics ideal for any project.
Many of our fabrics exceed the extremely strict chemical emissions standards to accommodate the special needs of children in educational and daycare facilities.

TS = Solar Transmittance

Measures the percentage of solar radiation that passes through the fabric.

RS = Solar Reflectance
Measures the percentage of solar radiation reflected back out of the fabric.

AS = Solar Absorbance
Measures the percentage of solar radiation absorbed by the fabric.

TV = Visual Transmittance
Measures the percentage of visible light that passes through the fabric.
Fabrics with the same openness factor may differ slightly in TV due to the reflectivity of light colors.