Basic Motor System

Provide simple and reliable control

In new construction or renovations, Basic Motor Systems provide simple and reliable control for installations that do not require complex management solutions.  A Basic Motor System links the control device to the motor using electrical wires carrying power and limiting the switch to the source of control.  The common motor options available for these systems are durable and dependable and feature a wide variety of torques and speeds which are a beneficial resource for interior or exterior motorized shading applications.

  • When choosing basic controlled systems, power supply and wiring should be planned prior to construction and include the possibilities of future renovations.
  • Manual controls must be located near windows and in strategic areas which often requires a detailed system design process before development could take place.
  • Great solution for cost-conscious new construction projects that must meet specific wiring requirements

System Features:

  • Provides control of motorized window coverings via a line voltage or low voltage wall switch wired directly to a basic motor
  • Offers control using common line voltage switching
  • Requires an electrician for line voltage switches
  • Wall switches provide single or group motor control
  • Capable of integration through dry contact or RS232 connections