Why Choose Roll-A-Shade®?

  • We are not a franchise based company; all our national projects are handled out of our corporate office by a designated program manager
  • Fastest lead time in the industry; between 2-4 weeks
  • Will custom engineer parts for your shades to suit your applications
  • The most advanced shade manufacturing capabilities in the U.S.
  • Installation available throughout North America
National Facility Program
  • Facility work order response time usually between 1 and 3 days
  • One of our project managers will be assigned to your account and will personally coordinate and oversee each of your projects to guarantee specification consistency throughout your network
  • Ability to service any kind of window treatment
  • We work will all online procurement solutions like Ariba®, Service Channel®, Corrigo®, and Facility Source®
Build Your Brand
  • Make your business stand out from the competition by displaying your company name, logo, and other printed graphics on any of our solar shades
  • Our expert staff will turn your corporate logo and messages into an attractive attention-grabbing roller shade
  • Convey your message without blocking views from the outside
Energy Savings/LEED®
  • Roll-A-Shade® can save your building energy without compromising the comfort of employees and customers
  • Occupants can control solar heat gain and solar glare, while still being able to enjoy the benefits of the outdoor views.
  • If your project is seeking LEED® certification, our roller shades may help contribute up to 10 LEED® points
  • Our solutions reduce energy costs by:
    • Maximizing the use of natural light
    • Maximizing heat retention during the winter
    • Reducing the amount of solar heat absorbed during the summer
Improved Environments for Employees and Customers
  • Control of daylight on computer monitors, cash registers and work surfaces, improves employee productivity by minimizing eye fatigue from contrasting bright and dark surfaces
  • Natural light has a tremendous positive effect on people, promoting a sense of team work, higher levels of motivation and organizational attachment
  • Roll-A-Shade's solutions can be used to let natural light in and create savings by using less artificial lighting.