Solutions Adapted For Each Project

Simple to install, easy to use and compatible with most protocols and control units on the market. Roll-A-Shade's solutions are a perfect match for the needs and restrictions of the restaurant sector. You can anticipate requirements using automatic systems, timer programs, delegate to automatic sensors or let employees make the decisions by operating on their own.

Dining Rooms
  • Legacy Shades
  • Creates comfortable dining environment
  • Blocks UV rays
Atrium Seating
  • Manual and non-operating shades
  • Blackout and light filtering fabric
  • Allows privacy when needed while still being able to enjoy the outside views
Manager's Office
  • Automated with sun tracking
  • Shades automatically adjust
  • Increases comfort for occupants
  • Ideal when window is not in use
  • Blocks glare on registers
  • Easily rolls up to service customers
  • Manual or Automated
  • Performance Plus® or Kool Black® fabric
  • Heat reflection and glare reduction