Restaurant Window Shades

Roll-A-Shade® is continuously enhancing and innovating ways to provide the most intelligent and efficient sun control solutions. Our systems improve comfort for occupants while reducing energy costs. Roll-A-Shade® ensures that our products offer the durability and performance to operate flawlessly year after year. We handle all aspects of your window treatment solutions from design to completion including submittals, field measures, manufacturing and installation.

Manual and Automated Systems

Roll-A-Shade® specializes in manual and automated window treatments for the restaurant sector. Roll-A-Shade's systems ensure your shades are providing sun relief and reducing energy costs even when the building is unoccupied. Our manual and automated shades are available in transparent, translucent and complete blackout materials. There are many opacities and colors to fit your design needs. Our automated shades are available in AC, DC, solar and battery powered. Each shade can be controlled individually, as sub groups or altogether. Our complete line of automated systems can be adjusted with just one touch, or shades can automatically adjust based on light and heat conditions.

Countless Fabric Possibilities

Regardless of the color, style or density of your specifications, Roll-A-Shade® has you covered. Our sun control fabrics are designed to control light and reduce glare and heat without obstructing the view. Our privacy fabrics are designed to block all light when privacy is necessary. Our fabrics are tear resistant, rot proof, anti-bacterial and fire retardant.

  • Many of our fabrics are GREENGUARD certified, indicating that they meet or exceed the strictest standards for indoor air quality.

  • We proudly feature Phifer SheerWeave fabrics that inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions as much as 40% vs. existing PVC compounds.

  • Innovative patented technology that enhances heat reflection and improves comfort in dark color fabrics.