Manufacturing Capabilities

Roll-A-Shade® maintains a state-of-the-art production facility in Riverside, California, where our skilled craftsmen custom fabricate all shade systems and components to your unique specifications. We utilize custom software to ensure precision manufacturing to fabricate the highest quality components. Quality control is ensured by providing supervised attention at virtually every production phase.
Our production capabilities include:

  • Manual or automated roller shades, with custom or standard colors and fabrics
  • Custom-color fascias, brackets and bottom rails to complement décor packages
  • Impulse welding technology for hembar and oversized shades
  • Ultra Sonic Cutting Technology to cauterize and seal fabric edges
  • Crush Cutting Technology to seal fiberglass fabrics
  • Light box inspection to verify fabric quality
  • Full in-house grand format printing
  • Custom fascia water jet cutting
  • Unique shade identification system for ease of replacement
  • One of the largest automated cutting table in the country
  • Automated metal cutting station