Intelligent Shade Network™ (ISN)

Roll-A-Shade's Intelligent Shade Network™ utilizes intelligent motor technology to provide a comprehensive sun control solution for every environment. The intelligent motor design features an onboard microprocessor and a digital encoder, which allows a wide range of features to be easily programmed.

  • Simple to design: The ISN is software configured for the management of day lighting and glare control to improve comfort and reduce HVAC energy demands
  • Simple to configure: Each component is assigned a unique address which allows specific tasks to be configured over the network. Configuration and re-configuration is easy as functional assignments are made without the need to access the end product or physically rewire hardware
  • Simple to scale: Whether designing for 10 motors or 1000 motors you no longer carry the cost impact of providing a centralized building controller and remotely located hardware modules
  • Simple to partner: The ISN plays nicely with others. With standardization of the bus line approach it easily integrates with lighting, HVAC and Energy Management Systems

Intelligent Shade Network™ - AC & DC

With automated shade scheduling, shades are altered based on the current environment and proactively adjust to conditions. Shades automatically adjust to maintain the maximum amount of natural light while continuing to block the harsh direct sunlight and heat.

Simplified Wiring - AC wire that can be daisy chained up to 10 motors per 20 amp circuit. Plugs into a standard 120V outlet.

Universal Integration - The Intelligent Motor is adaptable to most common communications TM methods. The ISN is based on open RS485 protocol but can also use RS232 and dry contact to integrate into EMS and many other 3rd party systems.