Apart from all the practical benefits of the Roll-A-Shade products, these roller shades can be used to promote your company. We offer many different options to advertise and promote your business in an economical and fresh new way.

RACK SHADES/BACK DROPS - These shades are used inside the store to cover clutter or anything you might not want the customer to see. Another use is as backdrops for filming or photography. All are customizable to integrate with the store or company and even promote or advertise.

WINDOW GRAPHICS - Using the same methods that we use for tinting, we can apply customizable graphics to any window in the store.

PRINTED SHADES - Perfect for promoting and customizing without compromising view and space.

LOGO SHADES - The simplest way to display your logo to customers to build your brand.

SCULPTED FASCIAS - A great way to complement decor and or promote your company as well as being easy to install and change.

CASSETTE IMAGE INSERTS - This has a sleek look that is fantastic to promote your brand.

GRAPHIC FASCIAS - A great way to promote your brand with these completely customizable, distinctive fascias.